For starters, ‘Teach Me How To Love’ is the maiden EP from singer-songwriter, Peterdoeslife (born Peter Anguria).

It is a collection of work carefully curated to insight an emotional response from its listener. The EP is a narrative of today’s fragile dating world, seen through the different lenses of a narcissistic lover, a toxic lover, and a simp.

The project’s opening track “Like I Do´ was met with warm reception, amassing over 15,000 streams on Spotify within its first few weeks of release.

The production explores airy, layered harmonic themes, reminiscent of American R&B artist Brent Faiyaz. A compilation of 5 songs, each song varies in tone, culminating in the eponymous last track, Teach Me How To Love“.

The EP is a soul-filled, catchy collection of an individual struggling to comprehend traditional love, with current nonchalant dating culture,” says Peter.

When it comes to R&B, Peter seeks not to brand himself as a traditionalist. The EP attests to this fact, with Peter’s signature baritone voice booming through in the verses of ‘Living For The Moment’ and ‘Like I Do’. While not entirely conventional, contemporary R&B-pop themes shine through in tracks such as ‘Love You Til I Die’ and ‘Falling For You’, which both portray catchy, radio friendly-tunes. However, the universal theme remains the same.

About Peterdoesit:

Peter Anguria, also known as peterdoeslife, is a rising artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. A son of Ugandan immigrants, Peter views life and his art through the lens of a cosmopolitan. He has a brilliant gift for capturing moods into songs, captivating audiences with his unique baritone voice and expressive lyrics. With a lean towards the alternative, vocal-layering and harmonizing, Peter’s music infuses smooth, buttery R&B vocals with contemporary themes.

Having an affinity for music from a young age, Peter attributes his unique musical style to his strong classical/opera singing background. At first, he shied away from his baritone voice, believing it to be awkward and against the trend. However, in a world where anyone can be an artist, Peter not only craves to be different; he actively embraces it.

Listen to peterdoeslife’s ‘Teach Me How To Love’ EP out now everywhere.