I did catch up with Quex in the month of March this year and we had a little chat about his music and how the journey has been like. At that time, he had just unveiled the visuals to his viral hit song ‘Kachumbali’ which is still a personal and international favorite to many. 😊

Around that same time, he released a follow up joint; “Ugandan Made’’ and just towards the end of this month, he announced that he would be working with celebrated saxophonist Micheal Kitanda on his new single – ‘Mubitabo’.

‘Mubitabo’ was written by Quex himself, and the production was one by City Jam Records’ Genius Goody. The song’s artwork was designed by Tristan Mark. The song was released under the City Jam Records label.

Kwesiga George alias Quex describes ‘Mubitabo’ as a love song like no other, and that it describes a queen so fine her beauty can stop wars and causes a stamped wherever she passes. He also adds that she deserves to be written about in History.  🌚

Like I sometimes do, in case you are the type who likes to sing along, here are the Lyrics to Quex & Micheal Kitanda the saxophonist’s ‘Mubitabo’:


Quex once again

onyilila nga munyenye

simple song for you baby

[Verse 1]

Waliwo ebintu byokola

ebinemesa emilimu gye nkola

balayide bajakungoba

naye nzukuka ntya nga gwe gwendaba,

laba ate olusi oleta ka juice nga oli just inna your night dress

Anha. inna beauty you win the contest by too far,

so, tell me bae, we   you de?

coz I have been waiting here all day,

something tells me this one for da History.


Bali wandika ne MUBITABO buno wakakanya ne ntaalo

Mukatale abeyo bagwa nebigo cuz your too fine oooh ooh ye (x2)

Quex links up with saxophonist Micheal Kitanda on new single ‘Mubitabo’. Listen Here 1 MUGIBSON

[Verse 2]

Aga walayi wakula oliku mutima osekula,

Oli malayika wava na bwengula.

Wakyusa policy oliku monopoly,

All the man dem olisa butiiiii,

Gal your bad you gat me on a tree am tied

And galdem I tell no lies

I want you every day pon mi side, ye eeh eh

Bali leka bayayane, nga oli wange baby

Empewo leka enkute

Nja kulwanila daily,

bali leka bayayane, nga oli wange baby,

empewo leka ekunte, enkunte, eh yai ya

[Chorus 2]

Kyenjoya njoya njoya mukwano gwo

Ekika kilinze nkutwaleyo

Bansabile ekiweta nki tekeko finally nkigale (x2)

Wabula wakyusa policy oliku monopoly

All the mandem olisa butiiiii, gal yo bad

[Chorus x2]

‘Mubitabo’ has a total play time of 3minutes and 22 seconds and is currently available on Quex’s YouTube channel. It is soon to be available on all digital music streaming and downloading platforms. Also check out his Kachumbali album here. 😊

Watch ‘Mubitabo’ below. 🔥📚📯 Remember to share widely with friends and family.