Despite many artists’ activities like tours, performances name it, being on a halt and strained by the pandemic, I love that there are those who have been doing this thing of releasing digital project in terms of Extended Plays (EP), Lengthy Plays (LP)/ albums.

The latest to join in, being Ugandan Father of Urban Rap Music & longest serving Hip Hop general, GNL Zamba who is hitting the road back again and so hard this time. Ernest Tulye Nsimbi Lupiazitta also professionally known as GNL Zamba announced at the start of this month that what would be deemed as his 5th body of work was being in the final steps and that the project would be out soon.

Rap ace GNL Zamba set to share Luga-flow Excellent revolutionary 5th Studio Album ‘THE SPEAR’ this 11th at 11:11 1 MUGIBSON

Having promised Luga flow fanatics new music since the start of the lockdown and sharing ‘Dear Hip-hop’ and a later on remix of his former classic ‘Uganda Yaffe’ featuring the new age sleek rappers from right here; his fans can now breathe atlas since the Lugaflow rap General is to fulfill the longing for new music as his new LP is set for a release date tomorrow.

‘The SPEAR’ is to follow up to his former highly acclaimed LPs ‘I am Zamba’ (2014), ‘The Renaissance’ / Uganda Yaffe (2013), ‘Speaking Vernacular’ (2011), and ‘Koyi Koyi/ Riddles of Life (2009). He also has side projects such as ‘NSIMBI’ (released in 2018 Under the Imprint Nsimbi with wife and band mate Miriam Tamar).

According to a press release on the ‘Soda Jinjale’ singer’s official website: the album is titled “THE SPEAR”, and is to have the theme of ‘Justice and Black empowerment with all its universal elements’ at its epicenter; portraying the revolutionist and Pan Africanist GNL is, as he describes it as “An Album Inspired by The Past the Present and The Future”, one aboutDecolonizing the Mind and Recognizing Our Power in Determining Our Destiny!!!  This Album being A Symphony to The Dream of Building the United States of Africa! This Album Is for Lumumba, For Sankara, For Malcom, Martin, Mwanga, Mandela, Mansa Musa, Marcus & My Future Sons & Daughters, This Is for Our Ancestors!” read the release.

The rapper’s album title choice is symbolic of royalty as a way responsibility is passed on, according to majority of the cultural settings here in Uganda, as it portrays that a heir or someone has been bestowed duty as a heir of a throne/ traditional leadership roles. A spear in this case being a metaphor for a mind as sharp, carrying the rhythm of the iron smith as he hit it while molding it and carrying the dreams of the people. Further noting that we can only be in sync with the present once we reconnect to our true spiritual calling and it is the shape of spaceship as we project ourselves to the future.”

The SPEAR’ album art, by Loukman Ali & GNL Zamba

This was all-in upper-case letters by the way, just so you know. This album’s gotta be heavy I tell you! 😁 ‘THE SPEAR’ is to constitute a total of 11 tracks; as all performed by GNL Zamba solely, Executively Produced by him & Fly Tucker.

Rap ace GNL Zamba set to share Luga-flow Excellent revolutionary 5th Studio Album ‘THE SPEAR’ this 11th at 11:11 2 MUGIBSON
Tracklisting for ‘THE SPEAR’ album

To kick start album season, following the ongoing police brutality back here at home (which even birthed a hashtag #EndPoliceBrutalityInUganda), GNL shared “RHAPSODY FOR FREEDOM” – a Prelude to The Spear album; an 11 minute spoken word piece talking about racism in the world and especially in America where he is residing – In itself the project explores injustices Africans all over the world have gone through. The Baru mastered project suggests correlates in part with the intention to stop injustices; cutting across the themes of ending injustices, preaching freedom, peace, and more.


‘THE SPEAR’ album comes out NOVEMBER 11th at 11:11Am and will be available on all digital music streaming & downloading platforms, and of course also directly accessible via GNL Zamba’s website.   Lugaflow in a nutshell is Afropunk, with Afro-futurist sounds and with predominantly Luganda rhymes and rap, hence the name ‘Luga Flow’.  I do feel like this album;- THE SPEAR will most likely serve us August release’ ‘Twice As Tall’ Burna Boy vibes, based on the Pan Africanism, unity, decolonizing, freedom, and being true to our various culture and beliefs; and more importantly, unapologetically being AFRICAN! it seeks to preach. Do look out for streaming links in GNL Zamba’s bio once it is officially out, in a few hours from now of course. ☺ At 11 minutes past 11 o’clock on the 11th day of November (the 11th Month of the Year). It’s the sequence, for me. 🙃