Hi, please check out my YouTube channel. remember to subscribe, watch, like and also share my video(s) ’ must on the list of the most frequently texted/ statements of 2020; or like a friend once called it, it’s been like one of the commonest results of the new normal ‘staying home, and (social distance) avoiding crowded places due to the pandemic’, a vast majority of folks took some time off to exploit their creative sense, also as part of keeping busy and distracted from the tragic events happening worldwide. Remember the part where I suggested activities for you and I to engage in amidst the pandemic? Since the time was now, and we had plenty of it on our hands.

Whereas some are more drawn to short video clip sharing platforms such as Tiktok and Likee, others take it a notch higher and open up YouTube channels to share videos with a slightly lengthier watch time and more detail.

Of course, each person with a Google Mail (Gmail) account by default has a YouTube channel, it’s a matter of activating it. The list features both the new generation of content creators across the nation, and the already existing 2+ year old channels.

Given the fact that we live in a time of video/ visuals, it is of no shock that there is a growing number of Ugandan Vloggers/ Video content creators; telling stories, showing how-to videos, documenting events, products etc., with video.

About how big it means to have a YouTube channel that’s blown up; having a good number of subscribers/ views (watch time) enables the creator to be able to earn revenue and cash in, it can be through the Google AdSense program, or even Partnerships with brands/ service providers (affiliate programs, and sponsoring videos), to mention but a few. Word of encouragement to all budding vloggers, is find your niche and keep doing what you do best; which is creating content around it, be original, and most important of all, do it for the love/ fun, it’ll be easier that way as compared to being on pressure to get lots of views/ subscribers by plagiarizing (downloading and re uploading other user’s content). And to us the viewers, the best way to support these content creators and expand the opportunities that lie ahead of them is by: (i) letting the adverts that show before/midway the video you are watching to play, these ads enable the creator earn. Also, it is a good practice to share the video with the people in your circles so as to help the creator get a summable number of views and subscribers.

Coming up with this list wasn’t a walk in a park, did the vetting by checking out various Twitter threads, where creators have shared links to their channels, and also those vetted for by users. Much as not all the Ugandan YouTubers might be shortlisted here; it is undeniable that there are many out there who are doing just amazing. Will share the links to those tweets at the end of this writeup so you can check out the other Vloggers/ YouTubers. You can also be sure to comment under this article with the link to your channel, or another one whose work you find incredible. So, without further ado, here are the 12 outstanding channels that you could check out/ support:

Joseph Kizito Malowbar (Code 256)

Joesph Kizito Malowbar
               Malowbar | Instagram

Starting it out as a channel that was dedicated to a 24/7 live streaming of Ugandan Music, Malowbar’s ‘Code 256’ content sphere has now grown up to playlists of fresh untapped talented Ugandan artists on Tidal, Spotify & Apple Music. The techprenuer also shares highlights reels from major events/ concerts from the region. Of recent, Malowbar & his team had begun shooting and uploading short films, to their channel and occasionally hosting a fun challenge where a pair of best friends would feature on the Code 256 YT channel and ask each other questions and whoever would get an answer wrong would have to take a shot. Found the channel’s versatility in content fascinating. Watch, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE this genius’ content here

Atamba Lakeli (The ALT Lifestyle)

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Atamba Lakeli | Instagram

Run by Atamba Lakeli, nurse and now health/ lifestyle & fitness coach, the channel mainly focuses on these healthcare, nutrition and fitness tips. The channel has a cool 702 Subscribers, & 6.2K views). Get your fitness/ wellness grip on her channel

Danze Deejahn  

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Deejahn | Instagram

The Head of Digital at Next Media & Next Communications Uganda lands on the list of those to look out for on YouTube. From sharing short clips under the hashtag #TheLifeOfDeejahn, to shooting footage of how he’s able to bring visual efforts to life, and live streams; being that he’s a producer too. And oh yeah, he’s a gamer too and talks movies sometimes.  On his channel, Danze also shares insights on digital media on his channel too; and this does attract a subscriber count of up to 756 folks. If that ticks your mind, then check Danze’s YouTube channel out:

Mr. Musinguzi

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Mr. Musinguzi | Instagram

It’s an experiential Vlog covering Musinguzi’s life moments in Uganda. A few minutes on his channel and you feel like you want to go out and see more of Uganda. Musinguzi shows off the beauty that is Uganda, recommending tourism sites, documenting major cities (towns), travel activity, art etc. The three-year-old channel currently stands at a combined 58.6K Subscribers for the filmmaker/ YouTuber; Musinguzi’s content. Visit his channel here:

Marlie Keishamaza (Randomly Marlie)

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Marlie | Instagram

Many of you may be familiar with her face, since Marlie first featured on here among the outstanding top dressed and creative online submissions in the Vogue Challenge. Well, this too was where I first got to know her as well. I later discovered that Keishamaza does run a vlog by the name ‘Randomly Marlie’, and just like its name states, she shares random stories, events, and experiences. Be it about life, entrepreneurship, life skills, name it.  From being former General Secretary of the Senate at Victoria University to co- founding FabFash, an online boutique, content creating and motivational speaking. Marlie is indeed a jack of all trades. Did I tell you she is an emcee too? Marlie’s YT subscriber count is at 350 at the moment. She has great stories too. Check her out here.

Bareija Collins Magezi (Emeka, The Romantic Mukiga)

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CB Emeka | Instagram

Radio host on Hot100, standup comedian, and emcee; – Emeka is famous for his parodies of trending stories, news, and short skits as directed by himself. In terms of consistency, I’d most definitely give it to this guy, as Emeka does regularly post to his channel. it currently has 3,5300 subscribers, and a total of all time 72,103 views. Here’s his channel: – feel free to support this hardworking young man.

Konversations With Kanyomozi: (Lisa Kanyomozi Rwaboni)

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Lisa Rwaboni | Courtesy

Having pursued a course in multimedia storytelling, Lisa runs a blog that goes by a similar name; and mainly focuses on feminism, social consciousness, and empowerment. She also has a big passion for seeing the world become a better place, and youth inclusion. Rwaboni is currently a host of Nxt V-Room on Next Radio, and a vlogger as well, whose channel currently has 277 subscribers. She brings on consistency, and very knowledgeable conversation and narration. Watch here, SUBSCRIBE & support:

Mbonimpa Barbrah Birungi:

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Barbrah Birungi | Courtesy

Picture someone who juggles environmental engineering, makeup business (Bubbles Glam), but still spares some hours off to create top tier content for her subscribers; this is what Birungi does with her channel. The young lady specializes in travel, food (recipes) and lifestyle vlogging; taking to various travel destinations, touring us into her make up studio, sharing fun moments of her, friends and family.  It’s the versatility in content on this channel for me. Also votes for consistency, for Miss Barbrah; as she uploads at least one video each week; this has attracted a subscriber sum of 775, and is steadily growing. Catch her vibe here; and don’t forget to subscribe and all…

Patsy Mugabi:

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Patsy | Courtesy

Self-care, Interviews, Lifestyle, Finance, are some of what you can expect when you visit Patsy’s channel. You can call her ‘Your online personal financial advisor’. Patsy creates videos and visual podcasts on money, career and tips on being successful. Her channel has some of the best visuals I have seen from a Ugandan content creator and she takes her time to ensure she delivers quality. Get Your Money Right with Patsy! Here’s her channel:

Denis Duke Uganda

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Denis Duke | Instagram

In a world of vlogging that’s dominated by mostly ladies in Uganda, he’s proving to be the one holding fort for the men. Denis’ super Vlog on YouTube serves a 360 coverage of entertainment, along the journey is news, politics, and general affairs. Mans drops video after video after video; there’s pretty much content to binge on Duke’s channel. He profiles your favorite stars, biographies, etc. he commands a cool 94,800+ subscribers with 13,119,503 views at the time of writing this article.  Think we can get him to 100K subs? Well, play your part and visit his channel here:

Tinashe Mirembe

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Tinashe Mirembe | Instagram

Mirembe is one to crown the Natural Hair Queen! On her channel, she always comes through to share tips, tricks, dos and definite don’ts on being the perfect Ugandan naturalista. She also most importantly shares her raw struggles of being a naturalista as she encourages us on our own journey. The curly face goes all out on all things Natural hair. The beautiful naturalista has 240 subscribers. If you are looking for a go to channel to learn about growing it natural, taking good care of yours, Tinashe Mirember’s channel which goes by the name Natural She should be your go to!

Joy Akatukunda Williams

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Joy Akatukunda | Instagram

And who said that being a student at Business School means one can no explore and tap into their creative sense? Joy broke the barriers when she first of all opened up a  blog ‘Bloom For Her’, which basically centers on healthy living, relationships, fitness, skin care routines, and tips and supporting women/ fellow youth with a few tips and ideas here and there. To support her blog, Joy also activated her YT channel where she vlogs about almost similar topics; except that here it is more visual. Akatukunda recently begun a ‘28-day workout challenge’ and she updates on a daily on her ‘Bloom for Her’ blog. During this one, like the name of the challenge suggests; she guides her audiences on how to beat belly fat, what to eat and what to not, so that they (participants in the challenge) can achieve their body fitness goals. It’s how she is all in for uplifting fellow young people, more so the girl child for me. As you check out her site, be sure to hit up her YouTube channel, and flood I with subscriptions, views and SHARES. Her vlog channel is at 615, and it is fast growing I must say. Think we can take it to 1,000? Well, let’s do the needful.

Deedan Muyira

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Miss Deedan | Courtesy

Whenever you think of social events and Ugandan emcees, the name Deedan should definitely ring a bell. Deedan has done it all, from tv hosting, acting, motivational speaking, radio hosting, brand influencing, name it. and ohh yeah, she has a ‘House song’ out there, by the title ‘Kona’. The now presenter on the Sanyu FM Breakfast Club opened up her channel in April this year, after years of dragging, and procrastinating. She did share this in her very firs video on her channel. You know how as we grow, we tend to look back at our lives critically, and wish that those that come after us do not fall in the same trap of living, and we realize we could have done better as kids/ friends/ and all, now Dee shares her life’s journey, taking us through her childhood, growth, mistakes made, and lessons learnt, but in form of short entertaining videos. As she does this, Deedan Diana always encourages the audiences that watch her that she hopes they get inspired & motivated to keep trying to become better, learn to value self-expression, and not fearing to keep trying despite the number of times they fall. Dee’s YouTube channel last week hit 400 subscribers, can we do more? Yes, WE CAN! Watch, Learn, Subscribe & share the lady with the most buoyant spirit and personality there’s channel/ videos:

For those wondering what criteria I used to arrive at these names, it’s activity. Recency was a key factor, when the last video was created and the time in between the videos. I also looked at volume of content and somehow at subscribers (but this didn’t matter much). It’s about the time that people put in to create videos. Being that is common to find almost related content, and it is names of the channels changing, this was quite a tough process, and unfortunately I could not document all, however, here are nine Honorable Mentions that I may not go into detail about, they are great YouTubers with awesome quality and they definitely offer sound content that you won’t regret spending your very expensive data on:


EVELYN KOIRE: Do It Yourself (DIYs) & home décor – SUBSCRIBE


ICY SONIE: Dance/ Routines – SUBSCRIBE

MR. CONTINENAL:Music Mixes/ Mashups by DJ Jo – SUBSCRIBE


A CHAT WITH METHIA (Methia Lydia N.): Personalities/ Interviews –  SUBSCRIBE

BELLA ART (Isabella): Body Art/ Creative Body Painting – SUBSCRIBE

COLLINS MUGUME: Business (Entrepreneurship)/ Travel (Adventure)/ Digital Marketing – SUBSCRIBE

Please share a link of your favorite YouTuber in the comments so our readers can subscribe and support them too. ❤ About those YouTube threads/ Tweets that I scrolled through to check out some of Ugandan Vloggers, here we go: