Before we can even get started with this, allow me say Zex has been one hero and savior during this whole year if I were to be honest with you, fam. His breakthrough hit single ‘Ratata’ has been a whole tune and anthem for many since it dropped. On the sad side of it is that partygoers who love to chill and have a good time with some music still did not get to maximize it since bars are still not yet allowed to reopen, and so are events (public gatherings). I really felt this whole pandemic was really an enemy of progress to acts like Zex, Quex, and Azawi because their songs have really been on rotation, which means that there were high chances bookings to perform at corporate, outdoor, school events would be flowing in left, right and center this year, which isn’t the case at the moment.

Zex Bilangilangi during the few months we have been exposed to him did also bless us with another banger back then in July alongside Pallaso titled ‘Wikid. It was the chorus for me, it went like: “My baby you are wikid, you are wikid and madder…”  Wikidi was a follow up track to his debut highly acclaimed delivery Ratata that had audiences here warmly receive and welcome him with open arms to their playlists, and musical favorites of 2020.

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The Firebase affiliate has proved to be a power behind the studio microphone, and even though physical  events might be on hold, he’ll be making his maiden appearance as a performer on the Club Beatz at Home, Episode 2 of Season 3, after Sheebah and Crysto Panda thrilled fans on the very first showdown of Club Beatz online concert Sn3 Ep01, a fortnight ago on 29th August, 2020.

Kyoyina Omanya: Sheebah and Crysto thrill Club Beatz concert fans
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Zex will be joined by Celebrated Ugandan singer, songwriter and producer, Apparel entrepreneur Alexander Bagonza alias A Pass. However, Mr. A P is no stranger to the Club Pilsener and Fenon Records organized show. He graced the first ever edition of the show back then in April, and put on a performance that was one off the hook: In case you missed it, here’s a recap:

A Pass’ talent in terms of vocal ability has never been doubted. The Singer, Songwriter and Composer last week appeared on HerbertSkillz’s ‘For Real” alongside Bebe Cool. It should also be on record that A Pass also shared an earworm of a tune in ‘Nkwagala” back then in early January this year. He performed it on the MTN “Momo Nyabo”, backed by a Live band and at the Roast and Rhyme show (alongside the Janzi Band). Will he perform it tonight? Well, there’s only one way to find out:

Also, Zex just like A Pass has also taken social media by storm with his catchy phrase “ebiluma abayaye” which is at the moment the most shared expression, in our daily living and on social as well. Kind of coincidence that a budding viral social sensation, who also doubles as an artist has been lined up with one who’s laid out a whole humorous persona online; – A Pass. I do have a feeling this one will be exciting to watch. Both have been rehearsing and sharing their routines online to keep the people engaged and reminding them that this Saturday it is happening, ‘bagenda kulumya abayaye mmu curfew). Now, that’s all reasons to anticipate a great show this weekend.

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Check out Club Pilsner’s announcement:

Club Beatz at Home, the online concert will once again, for the rest of the season be presented by NBS TV’s Douglas Lwanga. Like the standard procedure always is, Club Beatz will be showing on Club Pilsner’s YouTube and Facebook page starting at exactly 9PM tonight.  🤭