Despite starting the year on a “not so good” note, Daddy Andre seems to have picked himself up real quick and is now back on his feet; hence releasing a new 8 track Extended Play (EP) project last week.

Born Ojambo Andrew, Andre is an artist, songwriter, producer signed to Black Market Records. His musical journey started back in 2010 when he started production and writing songs for his friends and in the year 2014, he set out on his music production journey hence producing songs like Sheebah’s “John Rambo”. Andre is famously known for his producer tagline heard on most of the songs he produces: “Ahh ahh ahh ahh Andre on the Beat”.

Review: Daddy Andre's new “See Me So” EP. Listen Here: 1 MUGIBSON

He however got a bigger breakthrough when he stepped to the fore front and also decided to venture into singing as a vocalist as well; majoring in Afro beat, Hip hop, Dancehall, Afro pop, and RnB as his music genres specialty; hence putting out his very first single featuring Lydia Jazmine titled “You and Me” in 2018 which became an instant hit.

Review: Daddy Andre's new “See Me So” EP. Listen Here: 2 MUGIBSON

Andre’s other notable singles include his 2019 hit single “Sikikukweka’, “Don’t’ Stop” feat. John Blaq and “Now” feat. Spice Diana, “Folo Folo”. He also offered backup vocals on Levixone’s Chikibombe and Karol’s “Gyal a Bubble”. In terms of production, he’s worked with A Pass, Vinka, Bebe Cool, King Saha, Allan Toniks, Karol Kasita, among others acts.

The renowned hit maker added to his ever-growing music collection on the 20th of May 2020; with the release of his EP titled “See Me So”.

Review: Daddy Andre's new “See Me So” EP. Listen Here: 3 MUGIBSON

The EP is made up of of up to 8 tracks and has a total playtime of 19 minutes and 2 seconds. The track list is as follows:

  1. Jah
  2. Lala
  3. My Heart (Feat. Jegede)
  4. Osalawo Ddi
  5. Oshikelele
  6. Story (Feat. Weasel)
  7. Tugende Mu Church
  8. Like It

The project was all self-written and all produced by Daddy Andre himself.

Track 1: Jah is a reggae slow tune, which is also apparently the shortest song on the EP; playing for only 56 seconds. It has a feel of gospel as Andre talks about how he believes in Jah (which is the Rastafarian name and expression to mean GOD).

On Track 2: Lala, Andre goes back to his roots; and gives us the usual groove of his feel-good sounds. It’s a love themed melody where he says he’s deep in love with his soul mate.

Review: Daddy Andre's new “See Me So” EP. Listen Here: 4 MUGIBSON

My Heart (track 3) is a calm free flow song; with a good sooth of Andre’s vocals on it. He sings on multiple languages on this one too.

Bringing us to song number 4; Osalawo Ddi; about agony of bring overly made to wait for his lover to decide; to accept his offer to love her.

He narrates to Oshikelele what their life will be like, about their wedding day, and how he will be her baby boy, as she is his baby girl.

Down to track 6; Story on which he features Weasel. Both artists do an amazing delivery as each showers praise on their girl; and that the love story of each is impeccable.

Tugende Mu Church; the 3minute song sees Andre offering a proposal to his girl; and how they should go to church and make it official, and then go home start a family together. He also assures her that she should keep calm and worry not and how he is the one she has been looking for.

Review: Daddy Andre's new “See Me So” EP. Listen Here: 5 MUGIBSON

Andre closes the EP with track 8; Like It.

Listening to this EP, I’ve gotta say Andre as an artist and song writer has surely grown and you can tell that; right from the very first track on here to the last one of it. For me, the See Me So EP gets a 10/10 rating. I absolutely enjoyed every single bit of it. Daddy Andre has continued to cement his place in the music industry as a wholesome package and this project is evidence; he’s slowly but surely making his way to the top.

For the mean time, you can Stream the “See Me So EP here:

My favorites on the EP were: Tugende Mu Church, My Heart and Story.  What about you? Share whichever was your fav in the comments section below. 😉😊