In case you are a one with a sweet tooth and love Oner Fruit Juice, well the latest coming in is that a new flavour is now available; to compliment the already existing ones. Introducing new Oner Fruit Juice; now available in Grapes & Berries Flavour.

Hariss International, who happen to be the manufacturers of RIHAM products, have announced a new Oner Fruit Juice flavour. The juice now comes in a Grapes and Berries flavour, giving consumers another option to choose from.

Oner Grapes & Berries is a 500ml succulent Grapes and Berries flavour of Oner Fruit Juice, a fully certified product by UNBS. It serves as an addition to the already existing flavours of the Oner family – Oner Apple and Oner Mango which were launched into the market in 2014, and have since grown into successful brands.

“We have introduced a new Oner Juice blend of Grapes and berries to grow and diversify the brand’s family while also fulfilling the consumers’ desire for fruit Juice.” Hariss International said in a press release.

With the related health benefits attached to the product such as; heart health, maintaining blood pressure, digestion, skin health, different market surveys indicate that Oner Grapes and Berries fruit Juice is likely to be widely acceptable by the population and heavily demanded heavily across the nation.

The new oner Grapes and berries recipe will be trading under the renown slogan “Freshness you can taste” a symbol of the brand’s ability to bring freshness and a sweet – natural taste of Grapes & Berries. 🍇

The 500ml Fruit Juice is now available in all retail outlets, supermarkets, and restaurants countrywide at a recommended retail price of UGX 2,000 as per RIHAM’s announcement.

This does mean that; Oner Fruit Juice now comes in three luscious flavours, Mango, Apple, and Grapes & Berries.

Oner Juice! “Freshness You Can Taste”. Get yours today. 😋