Social Entrepreneur Robert Kateera is set to launch the Trudeau Youth Council Foundation in Uganda; following its initial opening in Canada where he’s currently based.

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The foundation is a youth-driven initiative that focuses on promoting and supporting access to high-quality, relevant integrated training interventions, career development, and skills training opportunities.

The Toronto-Canada based social entrepreneur while speaking about the Foundation’s purpose during his meet up with Justin Trudeau the current Canada Prime Minister over the weekend stated that its purpose will be to provide Ugandans, particularly the youth, with skills that will enable them to be employed or self-employed, so helping to reduce the country’s rising unemployment rates.

ROBERT KATEERA: Youth Must Wake Up!
Robert (M) and the Canada Prime Minister (Picture: Courtesy)

It shall be remembered that Robert Kateera earned his Commercial Piloting license from British Columbia, and has also been and continues to serve as representative of the Obama Youth Council East Africa; a position he assumed in 2019. He attended Uganda Martyrs Primary School for his primary school, joined Mbarara from 1999 to 2006 and then Taibah College in Bwebajja for his High School between 2010 and 2012. Kateera’s passion for flight school drove him to briefly joining Kajjansi Flying School before he relocated to Canada in 2015 and in January 2022 he graduated with a Commercial Pilot’s License from Canadian Flight Academy in British Columbia.

The website of the Trudeau Youth Council Foundation is currently live and active. Check it out here.