Think of an imaginative lyricist who explores an urban sound while maintaining the elements of Ugandan story telling; – that is Rxdn3y (pronounced Rodney) for you on his very first extended play “The Name Is Rodney – EP”.

Encompassing 5 tracks, and released under Skyline Media and Entertainment Limited, on his EP, Rxdn3y (born Tendo Abraham Rodney) serves music lovers worldwide with a buffet of melodic sophistication and emotional precision, all marinated with twisted humor; a true reflection of his obsession with being unique and his boldness at taking risks with different sounds.

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On songs like “Aguti”, Rod explores the theme of happiness as he does not believe in dwelling in sad/ a dark place for long.

“Nkaba” sees Rxdn3y showcase vulnerability over a past relationship and drops the ‘hard guy’ card owning up to his true feelings.

He then takes us on a partying rollercoaster with ‘Bbaala’ which loosely translates from Luganda to English to mean ‘a Bar’. This jam is for relieving the stress, for living, and enjoyments.

Rod taps goes all out in an explicit anthem ‘Matama’; the cheeks in question are subject for you to decide as a listener, but yeah, he says this track is about missing someone’s ‘matama (loosely translated from Luganda to mean ‘Cheeks’ in English). 🙈

As earlier mentioned, the 22-year-old recording artist/ song writer and singer carried with him his Ugandan identity and roots as he hit to record this body of work, and this is also evident on track 5: ‘Mboona’, which is a Luganda expression use to describe a ‘sweet ripe mango’ over which he sings to his love interest that she is beautiful and sweet, and not even a ripe mango can come close.

The humor, metaphors and lyrical pictures; its all there; throughout the project – “The name is Rodney”. A props to the EP’s title which is an introduction to Rodney as an artist.

Rxdn3y’s rich voice complimented by his exquisite songwriting is a grand accomplishment. He is indeed here to stay! 👌🏿

Listen to “The Name Is Rodney – EP” that’s out now everywhere.