After chalking great successes with her EP “Tupaate”, and “Wuuba”, the video of Pia Pounds‘ ‘Slay Farmer’ is out now.

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Since its release a few weeks ago, the record which has now got a music video as directed by Zyga Phix continues to receive praise from fans and critics.

The video is quintessential and features an envelope-pushing wardrobe, a colorful cultural setting, and a few gritty scenes that bring a farming concept to life, with adaptations from Zuchu’s ‘Sukari’. The visuals also emphasize vibrant dance and choreography, featuring an eclectic mixture of Black and chocolate dancers in a farm plantation.

In the video, Pia is clad in custom African Kitengi attire. The production concept, scenery, costume, lighting, and sound rhyme very well with the silky lyrics of the song.

‘Slay Farmer’ upon its release on April 19th was been served in 2 parts, and this visual is for part 2 and rides along the lines of a narrative of a lover promising and showing commitment to their other half along this journey of love.

Watch the official music video for Pia Pounds‘ ghetto love anthem that is ‘Slay Farmer’ which is out now and in 4K on YouTube: