A maiden career concert by Veronica Nakiyinjji Lujja otherwise known as Vinka has been a question on the lips of many fans as to when we can expect one to be held for her. Well, at least the award-winning benevolent singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and performing artist has been tapped as the guest for the episode finale of season two of Tusker Malt’s Conversessions.

This installment has seen the likes of Juliana Kanyomozi, Lilian Mbabazi, Kenneth Mugabi, Benon and Vampos, and The Mith, all leading up to the grand finale featuring the renowned ‘Bailando’ crooner. Much like its predecessors, this episode promises an intimate and candid conversation, punctuated by laughter, revelations, and soul-stirring melodies, accompanied by a live band in a tranquil setting.

Being a wife and mother now, among the expected are discussions on how she’s able to be a superstar family maker while balancing it with her career as an artist, as she’s been one of if not the most consistent female artists we have had in Uganda over the past couple of years, churning out an impressive repertoire, including anthems, ‘Bailando’, ‘All Over You’, ‘Believe’, ‘Onina’, ‘Fimbo’, ‘Sure’, ‘Thank God’, ‘One Bite’, ‘Love Panic’, ‘By the Way’, among others may be one of the topics at the center of discussion then.

Furthermore, the conversation might explore Vinka’s journey from artist management to becoming a celebrated singer in her own right, earning accolades and establishing herself as a versatile performer.

Her triumphant contributions to the entertainment industry, characterized by captivating dance routines and energetic stage presence, make this episode highly anticipated.

Tune in to Tusker Malt’s Conversessions, streaming on the Swangz Avenue YouTube Channel this Sunday, April 14th, at 6 PM. And while you await to watch this episode, here’s a look at her latest ‘NZA GUKUNDA’. Make it a date and tune in this Sunday for an unforgettable evening with Vinka.