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Digital TV has picked up in the recent years, and this has seen many operators come on board to provide the citizens with a variety of content, both local and international, providing it with a clearer view and this came with paying subscription as opposed to the former free TV service where all one needed was an antenna and they would be able to watch.

One of those Digital TV operators was Startimes Uganda. It has been from time memorial been  one of Ugandans’ favorite operators, as it provides them with choices ranging from being able to watch television via the Startimes Go App, be able to subscribe to a daily or even weekly  and monthly bouquet of their choice and for very low fees.

As of March 2020, Startimes was said to be serving a new estimate of nearly 20 million plus users continenally with a boast of  3,000 convenience stores and over 5,000 distributors. StarTimes owns a featured content platform, with 480 authorized channels consisting of news, movies, series, sports, entertainment, children’s programs, etc. The company’s vision is “To ensure that every African family can access, afford, watch and share the beauty of digital TV”. StarTimes achieves this by combining satellite and terrestrial DTV systems as well as OTT services to provide an open and secure digital wireless platform. The company provides a robust signal transmission service for public and private broadcasters, offers consumers outstanding Pay-TV programs, mobile multimedia, wireless Internet connectivity and convenient online services.

Sanyuka Tv Makes Grand Return To The Startimes Nova Bouquet 1 MUGIBSON

Two years ago, StarTimes made a big investment in Ugandan football and talent when they bought the broadcast rights of Uganda’s topflight football league, birthing the StarTimes Uganda Premier League, which airs on Sanyuka TV, with an objective to bring the beautiful Ugandan game closer to the Ugandan audiences.

On 1st February 2020, Sanyuka TV, was moved from the Nova Bouquet to the Basic Bouquet, and this left many of the station’s viewers disgruntled, majority of whom were StarTimes Uganda Premier League fans.  This even birthed a hastag #ReturnSanyukaToNova that was championed by a group of the #StarTimesUPL led by Canpara Collins a big fan of the league in particular and a Digital Marketing enthusiast. The hashtag went viral as many people found the shift of the channel from Nova to Basic Bouquet which wasn’t a pocket friendly move on the side of the consumers.

The people spoke and the company listened..

“Our customers’ sentiments matter to us. We want to maintain the progress we had and keep the momentum going by ensuring that all Ugandans watch local football at an affordable price. The only way we can achieve this original objective of ours is by keeping Sanyuka TV, the local channel on which the games air, on the most affordable StarTimes bouquet – Nova.”, said the PR of StarTimes Uganda.

The big reveal was made during a press briefing that was hosted by NBS’ senior sports anchor and writer;- Dzyre Derekford yesterday, alongside Startimes Uganda’s Public Relations Officer Cleopatra  Koheirwe at the Media Plaza (which is home to Sanyuka TV, among other sister broadcasting channels) on Kira Road .

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Cleopatra (PR) went ahead to add that “therefore, effective 16th March 2020, Ugandans will now continue to watch and enjoy Sanyuka TV, Uganda’s home of sports and entertainment on the Nova Bouquet. And as a commitment, StarTimes is  to continue providing you all with the most affordable quality digital TV options.”

And for the case that you happen not to have a StarTimes decorder, simply purchase one today for only Ugx. 49,000/= upon which you’ll receive a whole free month access to Nova Bouquet and from there going forward you can be able to load Nova for as low as

Ugx. 1000/= for a Daily pack, Ugx. 3000/- for Weekly and 11000/- monthly. This will once again bring back viewers’ favorite shows such as Uncut, soap operas, latest movies but over and above all- unlimited sporting action to their disposal.

And Like the Slogan of StarTimes  states, you’ll be able to indeed “Enjoy Digital Life.”

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