Born Gordons Mugoda, Wake or Mwana Weika as he’s commonly referred to, is a Ugandan poet, spoken word artist as well as a rapper. He likes to introduce himself as a ‘Christian Artiste’ and through his art, it is clear that he is true to what he stands for.

Spoken word artist Wake releases new ‘Kala Iwe’ single. Listen Here 1 MUGIBSON
   Gordons Mugoda a.k.a Wake

Wake’s been on innumerable projects both for spoken word and hip hop. He has been in the game for some time now and has cemented his name among the best of our generation. Having had his one man show in 2016, since then he has gone ahead to give us well-crafted poems and music at the same time. Gordons first got famous for his notable poems like “256” a spoken word poem which is more like wake’s signature piece, is a crowd’s favorite alongside “Rolex Ya Musilamu”. “Mwana Weika” morphed into what one might call a rapper, and showed seriousness in this regard, by releasing an 6 track EP in May last year (2019) of the same name which is by the way available on Apple Music and Tidal. It had singles such as “Namugwere”, “Mwize”, “Yaina” and “Abantu Beira” among others.

Wake once again embodies his culture perfectly well in his new release: Kala Iwe; a beautiful Afro fusion song. He announced the release of the song at the start of this month of July via his Twitter:

The rapper further revealed that the single (Kala Iwe) would be produced Izaya The Composer, and that the Mixing and Mastering roles would by Nelson Muhire; with whom he worked on his EP as well.

Well, the song was outted yesterday 9th July on Wake’s YouTube channel and in this track. The news was availed to his following; in a post:

When you listen to the song closely, it has that Childish Gambino ‘This is America” feel. Like how Wake says “… look what you made me do…”. He narrates the beautiful love story as he describes his babe. He uses as much poetry to describe her. He predominantly sings and raps in Lugwere, Kiswahili, with a blend of both English and Luganda innit. On this track.  The song has an upbeat traditional sound of a mix of local instruments. Something we would call an Afro fusion kind of thing. ‘Kala Iwe’ also has background soft soothing vocals of a female voice which I personally have hunch could be Afri Bytes’ since they’ve worked on multiple collaborative projects (Go to School) and (Mwize) before. Kala Iwe has a total playtime of 3 minutes and 52 seconds.

Can we expect a Music video yet? 🌚

Still in his tweet, Wake does say: “This one has a music video too.” and added smiley emojis to it.

Wake is currently on a Media tour on various media houses to share his story and promote his single. He’s already done 97FM Radiocity, 104.1 Power FM, 96.6 Spirit FM and is to make more appearances on your favorite station. Here’s the full dates: 

Spoken word artist Wake releases new ‘Kala Iwe’ single. Listen Here 2 MUGIBSON

That being said and done, check out Wake’s ‘Kala Iwe’ here: 🤝🏾