‘All the rumors are true!’ in Lizzo’s voice. Telegram Premium is coming!

What started as a rumor a few months ago has become reality this week: Telegram is going Premium. Well, the free tier will remain available as is, but a paid tier will also be added which will offer some extra features, resources, and speed.

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According to the company, the new paid features will offer users “additional features, more speed, and more resources.”

In a recent blog post, Pavel Durov; the Company CEO & Founder announced that Telegram would introduce a paid Telegram Premium subscription service, hinting at some of the features coming with the platform, which include the ability to upload larger files, early access to new features and exclusive stickers and reactions.

In his remarks, he stated that existing features on the platform will remain free and that the paid features will not affect the experiences of users who aren’t subscribers. In addition to the larger files, Durov stated that non-subscribed users will be able to access the premium stickers and reactions sent to them via email.

A premium subscription could reduce the costs associated with “already crazy” file size, chat, and media limits. Durov, claims that it would be impossible to manage, if free to all users.

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Currently, full details have yet to be announced, but according to a beta version of the application, the subscription will set you back $4.99 USD a month. The beta also indicates that subscribers won’t see any ads in one-to-many channels, which was previously mentioned by Durov, promising the ability to turn off any ads in one-to-many channels. “I believe Telegram should be funded primarily by its users, not advertisers,” writes Durov in his post. “This way our users will remain our number one priority at all times.”; implying that the number of external adverts shall remain limited.

Written with context from STUPID Dope.