“If you don’t love it, then why are you creating? questions the ‘Ngambira’ singer.

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Yvonne Kushe as a name has continued to magnetize the masses with her voice and bombshell projects. From singles and full body of works.

The Ugandan songstress while promoting her newly released album ‘Unchained’ taking to her Instagram stories has most recently offered a piece of advice to her fellow artists, more so those who struggle with listening to their own music.

‘I know there are artists out there, that probably struggle playing their own music daily. I understand where you are at.’, she said.

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The ‘Kulikayo’ crooner went on to liken listening to your own as an artist to everyday milestones such as graduating with an honors degree or masters, and how artists should look at their capability to release music as an achievement:

“You have to play your own music. My friends, there’s people who put their degrees and masters, PhD(s) on their sitting room walls; because they are celebrating their success, you know. You have to play your own music. Your music, your art is your companion, it’s there to feed you first before it feeds others. It’s there for your nourishment before it nourishes others. You might feel like its vain, but it’s not. It is really healthy to play your music, listen to it, or even travel through your memories (where was I when I was writing this? what was I thinking?).

“As an artist you have to be your number one fan, because why are you creating if you don’t love what you are creating, why are you releasing it into the atmosphere, you have to be your number one fan. Sometimes it takes practice to get into that mindset you know like when you are not feeling like it’s vain. Its false humility to listen to people who tell you not to listen to your own music.”, concluded the Ugandan- Canadian music creator.

‘UNCHAINED’ is streaming on major online music listening and downloading platforms.