The annual collective of illustrators, animators & video gamers also collectively dubbed as the Digi Art Fest is set to happen for yet another edition – December this year, and will be taking place between the 4th – 12th December, 2020.

Unlike the former installments where various artists, creators would come together to showcase their skills and awesomeness through their creative works in physical venues like the Design Hub (Bugolobi) [2017/18], and the (Banquet Hall – Acacia Mall) [2019], the Comicon now in its fourth edition is to happen virtually on the website of Tribe Uganda.

Recapping DigiArt Fest 2019 | Squid Mag
Some of the Exhibitors at the Digi Art Fest of 2019 (Picture: Digi Art Fest)

According to Laurean Ntaate of Tribe Uganda; Digi Art Fest aims to grow and promote Ugandan creative arts particularly comic books, video games and animation in order for them to rapidly evolve into global phenomena. It also aims to mentor and inspire art in the next generation, whether as a hobby or a career path.

To achieve this, Digi Art Fest was created as a platform where creatives (, whether finished or in-progress with like-minded people and the general public. It’s a great opportunity to network with and learn from the creatives putting Uganda on the map.

Digi Art Fest attracts people from all walks of life to experience Ugandan creativity firsthand. This includes students, artists, designers, gamers, investors, art enthusiasts and more. The event is a celebration of Ugandan art and this year alone about ten amazing studios showcasing unique and exciting projects.

Recapping DigiArt Fest 2019 | Squid Mag
Video gaming, one of the most popular activities at the Digi Art Fest (Picture: Digi Art Fest)

‘Digi Art Fest has grown bigger than imagined, and that their activities too were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus the decision to switch things up and move the event online.’, he concluded.

Recapping DigiArt Fest 2019 | Squid Mag
Some of the attendees at the Digi Art Fest of 2019 (Picture: Digi Art Fest)

The event this year is based on the theme “Connecting Ideas”, and will be broadcasting live on Tribe Uganda’s website. While at it, the Digi Art Fest 2020, there shall be panel discussions, presentations, and a ‘Call on Duty’ video game tournament. It’ll be crowned with a virtual Meet & Greet between those watching (following) and the artists.

Here’s a recap of the 2019 Edition of the Digi Art Fest 19. Be sure to follow the event online using the hashtag #DigiArtFest20 this year, or better still join in on the joint virtual event using your Android, iOs Device or PC via the Tribe Uganda’s website then.

Watch a recap of last year’s highlights from the Digi Art Fest 19 below: