Ugandan Online Liquor store Liquor House brings enjoyments even closer to you with launch of new web delivery platform.

Having to stay in our homes has become a daily routine and almost a full-time job for most of us. The most bitter pill to swallow being the fact that we are no longer to go to our hangout and party spots with friends and drink our favorites due to the halt on social gatherings and places and due to the eventual lockdown as per the government’s directives due to the current global pandemic.

There was however provision for motor bikes to stay on the go; only those that were doing deliveries. This has seen many businesses come up to speed technologically and re-strategize by embracing other channels of distribution through the creation of mobile applications, websites and other avenues so as continue serving their clients and stay afloat.

In the same regard, allow me bring to your attention: online Ugandan beverage delivery startup: Liquor House who have been in the business of providing a seamless liquor shopping experience; one where customers require not to have to walk to a supermarket or mall to pick their favorite wine, whisky, rum or vodka but rather hit them up and have it delivered in the shortest time possible in and around the areas of Kampala and parts of Kiira municipal (Wakiso) for a product price between the range of Ugx. 25,000 – Ugx. 150,000.

Since Liquor House’s debut in March 2020, it has been dedicated to offering customers the finest wines, beers, spirits, and mixers for its customers to buy online and have formerly relied on only social media DMs (direct messages) and phone calls from clients for deliveries; as they do have phone numbers that one would simply call/ text via WhatsApp to place an order which are: +256700655424 / +256785495762.

The Ugandan startup Liquor House therefore launched its new alcohol delivery platform: this past week in a bid to reach the millions that have resolved to seek solace from online deliveries.

“We want to make it easier for anyone that misses the party life and enjoyments to place orders at the comfort of their homes. The delivery platform will be available for use for residents in Kampala and neighboring towns.”, said Joseph Kizito Malowbar, Liquor House’s Co-founder.

Liquor House; The home of enjoyments as it is commonly referred to has a variety of alcoholic beverages that range from whiskeys, wine, vodka, gins, rum, Aperitifs & Digestifs, liquors, and tequila among others. The notable brands available on the online store include: Uganda Waragi, Jack Daniels, Red Label, Olmeca, Ciroc Pineapple, Baileys, Jameson, Smirn Off, Captain Morgan, Four Cousins, and Gilbeys, to mention but a few.

These are delivered in as much quantities as you wish and in between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm in accordance with the curfew time designated by the President.

Here’s how to get your order through: 

Go to your computer, smartphone or device’s browser and visit: Once the site opens, a variety of whiskeys, spirits, wines, vodkas among the many liquors available in their store will be at your disposal.

You are then required to choose what liquor bottle best befits your enjoyment needs and “Add it to your Cart or to your Wishlist”. Each product you click onto, its price, images and description are provided in detail. Once you are satisfied with this information provided, procced to confirm your order by indicating how much (in terms of number of bottles) of the beverage you wish to be delivered to you. Having done the above, go ahead and “checkout”. It is at this stage that you fill in in your billing information. The billing info shows the product name, price, quantity, subtotal, shipping fees (usually varies with your location), and the final total amount you’ll be required to pay once delivery is made. In case you have a promotion or discount coupon, this is where you punch it in.

Still under billing details, you are to enter your personal details. First and Last name, location particulars that is; street address/town/ district name, contact details too (phone number and email address).  (Mobile Money or Cash on delivery). Having provided all Place order, choose your payment method; whether you wish to pay cash on delivery (COD) or by Mobile Money; and then wait for your delivery

Why you should choose Liquor House to be part of your life, your party, your celebrations, dinners, and any other momentous occasion:

  • Free delivery for all orders above 50,000/= within Kampala.
  • Inquiries are also Free.
  • 24/7 Call and text Support available
  • The Truth
  • Commitment to service
  • Easy Payment

Do remember that “You must be of 18 years old or older to purchase alcohol on their website and also “kindly enjoy your enjoyments responsibly.”

Get in touch with them: Phone: 0700655424 / 0785495762

Visit Liquor House: The Home of Enjoyments today at their new home at:; your one-stop solution to buy wines and spirits online.