Previously known as the 1-4-1 loyalty program, the MTN Senkyu Loyalty Program is a fresh revamp of the popular MTN 1-4-1 loyalty wing from MTN for its customers.

All MTN individual customers including prepaid, post-paid and hybrid are eligible to join MTN Senkyu. Once they join, they will earn points for using MTN services including airtime and bundle purchase, making calls, using internet, using and MTN MoMo.

The MTN Senkyu Program. The program brings to play a points structure best known as 1-4-1 Points, together with subscriber benefits that come at a free-usage cost.

Previously, the 1-4-1 loyalty program only allowed a customer to spend points on data and Airtime. But now with the Senkyu Program ships new options have been added to make it even more rewarding. The now MTN Senkyu Offer comes with options: MTN MoMoPay, Voice minutes, Mobile Data (Internet/ MBs) and SMS.

Key MTN Senkyu program features to look out for:

Unlike the old 1-4-1 Points program, prepaid and postpaid MTN subscribers are all eligible to join the Senkyu Program. Additionally, Points can be earned through using the Internet (loading and using your MTN Data), making calls, sending SMS & MMS messages, and using MTN Momo.

A deep dive into the MTN Senkyu Loyalty Program and how to make use of its offers 1 MUGIBSON
The MTN Senkyu Points are available in Mobile Data, SMS, & Calls as well. (Picture: Twitter)

But contrary to the previous 1-4-1program, unused Points expire in 90days (3months). This means, you have to redeem your points for an offer before they expire. Luckily, any redeemed Data and SMS offers have a 30-day (1months) validity timeframe

To earn points, each time you complete any task using your MTN Account, whether buying data, voice combo or contextual bundle using airtime or MTN MoMo, loading airtime, making a call, sending an SMS to friends and family, making a deposit to your MTN MoMo wallet, Subscribe to Rich Media Services, or using MTN MoMo to carry out any revenue generating service, you earn free Senkyu points.

Either way, each day your SIM Card stays active, you earn a free point. Additionally, when its time for your Birthday celebrations, the telco tops up your account with free points to celebrate your new age, and also, on every anniversary you celebrate on the network (same date you purchased and registered your SIM Card), MTN rewards you with free points on the program. This means, you are guaranteed of free points as long as you’re enrolled in the program by dialing the *141# MTN Short code.

Joining the MTN Senkyu program:

MTN Senkyu is a revamp of the MTN 1-4-1 Loyalty program, this means, the telco maintained the program subscription process where you simply dial *141# to get started.

A deep dive into the MTN Senkyu Loyalty Program and how to make use of its offers 2 MUGIBSON
Step one to joining the ‘MTN Senkyu Loyalty Program’. (Picture: Twitter)

Dial *141#, From the ” Welcome to MTN Senkyu Program” prompt, Reply with 1(Join now). And that’s about it. A confirmatory text will sent; showing you that ‘You have been registered on the Program’ right away.  A customer can alternatively use the MyMTN App and select ‘Join’ in order to be registered onto the program.

Once registered, you can regularly check the number of points on your account by selecting option 2, off the main 1-4-1 Menu. And then, you can spend your points once you accumulate enough to exchange for an offer.

Redeeming Senkyu Offers (Spending your MTN Senkyu Points)

MTN Senkyu Program
MTN Senkyu Program Redeeming Process (Picture: Tech Point Magazine)

To use your Senkyu points in exchange for offers, you need to access the 1-4-1 root menu (*141#), then select option 2(Use points). From the list, you then choose your preferred offer: Data MBs, Voice Minutes, SMS or Momo Pay Credit (Mobile Money credit to pay any merchant).

Exchanging your Senkyu points for Offers

Dial *141#, Select Option 1 (Use Points), From the list, choose your preferred offer. Then, enter amount of points to spend. Your Points will be exchanged for the offer and topped up to your Account.

In Summary, Senkyu translates to Thank you, In simple terms a slag spelling for Thanks. The Program has not been fully launched by the time of writing, and it’s slightly still work in progress with a launch sequence of not later than September 2020.

The full MTN Senkyu Points Earning Matrix is available here. Also, joining MTN Senkyu is free. Hence, why not earn and spoil some MTN Senkyu Points, its another path of rewards could be the Yello camp’s Thank you (Good Together) subscriber appreciation having acquired a 2nd operator license in Uganda, and as a token of appreciation for the support you’ve accorded them for the past 20+ years of their existence in Uganda. Do remember to check out their partner messaging app Ayoba, and music streaming service Tidal.

Written with guidance from Humphrey Mpairwe’s article via Tech Point Magazine.