club beatz

The global COVID-19 pandemic came with an invasion on social gatherings; this included hangouts and most aching to the heart was the sector of concerts; where music enthusiasts and fans would usually attend to be treated to performances from their favorite acts. In case you were curios and good with trends, you’d realize that online concerts have been a very lucrative recent development, and this sees artists set up equipment and perform live for their online audiences and fandom to still get that feel of an actual Live event/ concert but each from their homes.  The most recent online concert was the 19th April, 2020 “One World: Together At Home” concert of  which was streaming live on Tidal; which saw acts such as John Legend and Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Lizzo, Elton John among other acts perform from their comfort of their homes and entertain the fans, as well as encourage those at the fore front of fighting this global pandemic at the same time that indeed these tough times too; shall pass.

It is upon this that MTN in partnership with Tidal has come together with Club Pilsner to bring you the Club Beatz At Home online concert this very Saturday 25th April, 2020 that’ll be showing on the Facebook and Instagram pages of Club Pilsner. Think of it as basically a concert with free entrance; though you’d be “in charge of buying your own drinks” which for this case is a data connection which is all you’ll need so as to be able to watch the live event.

The bigger catch of the premium beer Nile Breweries Limited Beer brand; Club Pilsner’s online concert is that musical talents A Pass and Ykee Benda who recently linked up to bring you the smash hit “Turn Up D’ Vibe”, will each be performing. Their online “crush” and celebrated female comedian Martha Kay will be the main host of the event. Another act to look forward is the now Universal Music Group Nigeria (UMGNG) signed singer songwriter Irene Ntale. Like any other event, a deejay is always key; to keep the party going. For that cause, Mr Silverback will be on the decks.

This aside, do remember to also pass by the Tidal app to get some amazing playlists no matter the mood. From workout, to having a chill, turning up, praise and worship; its all there. Simply, download the app from App store or Google Play store, dial *165*66# to get your 30day FREE trial or load subscription.

In the same regard, Club Pilsner is giving away a Gigabyte (GB) of MTN data to whoever orders a minimum of ten (10) Club beer bottles via the  website. All one’s gotta do is share a screenshot of their order on Club’s socials and soon as they verify it; they’ll activate the person the data. You could use some free data you know. Offer ends tomorrow (Saturday at 10am).

Do not allow  this lockdown get to you when you have Club Pilsner’s Instagram and Facebook pages you could camp by for this free concert my good people. Event kicks off at 8Pm. So, tune in and get turnt.

club beatz