We all know the weariness that comes with doing laundry or even the mere thought of it and how discomforting it can be. Like I usually say; – clothes are easier worn than washed; meaning that it is easier to dress up in elegant threads (outfits) till the bit of having to wash them reaches. Now that very next stage is where one of Appleton Group LLC’s products: Hoby Clean comes in from.

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 1 MUGIBSON WRITES

Hoby Clean is the world’s first and largest online on-demand laundry E-commerce system providing access to a global network of cost effective, efficient, high-quality, on-demand e-laundry services to its customers from anywhere and anytime (24/7/365) through their on-demand platform and mobile application. However, at the moment, Hoby Clean currently operates within Metropolitan Kampala that is; areas of Kampala and Wakiso.

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 2 MUGIBSON WRITES

Established with a mission to “Enable cost effective, efficient and high-end consumer laundry convenience by providing 24/7 global online on-demand laundry and cleaning services enabled through technology and innovation: the Naalya based company, the first of its kind in the world is here to let you and I enjoy our convenience while Hoby Clean does their part of doing all the laundry for us.

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 3 MUGIBSON WRITES

Well, you could be asking yourself, how exactly this works?

To begin with; laundry consists of very many kinds; as compared to what you and I thought it to be. For many we always limit it to shirts, blouses, pants, tops, T-Shirts, jumpers/ jackets, dresses, scarves, lingerie, stockings, underwear, caps, sweater, handkerchiefs, right? Just mere clothes. But to Hoby Clean, this goes beyond just what we could imagine. They also work on carpets, curtains, duvets, bed sheets, pillows, towels, to mention but a few.

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 4 MUGIBSON WRITES

So, what does Hoby Clean do to your laundry? 

Well, when contacted or hit up (which I am going to address next), they pick-up, wash, iron, fold and deliver your once dirty laundry back to your doorstep 24 to 48 Hours later though this time in a better state than the one you sent them in; depending on the work load and nature of the order; that is – method of cleaning you prefer (whether hand washed, machine wash or dry clean).

hoby clean

Hoby Clean has 2 pronged (clearly different) services:

  1. Dobby Services (where they provide machine and hand wash at their different designated Dobby Centers)
  1. Machine Wash.

The staff of Hoby Clean ensure that the clothes are sorted and separated: dry-cleaning, hand-wash only and machine wash by reading the care label. Separation considers dark colors, colors, pastels and whites. Sorting also considers the type of fabric (cotton, synthetic, delicate, wool) according to required washing temperatures and spin speeds. Clothes are then prepared: To avoid damages to clothes, Hoby Clean takes precautions such as emptying the pockets, close the buttons or even have them zipped where need be. Clothes are also turned inside out.

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 5 MUGIBSON WRITES

Laundry products are afterwards selected. Considering that the particular type of laundry product required depend on the load. Very delicate fabrics, such as silk or wool, require special care. Where pre-wash stain remover or a bleaching additive is required to remove difficult stains, considerations are made. Fabric conditioner required for softening, reducing drying time, making ironing easier and ensuring pleasant fragrance is applied.

  1. Hand Wash

hoby clean

Under Hand Wash, Hoby Clean enforces the following. They sort the items by color: keeping white and light colors separate from darks and make a separate pile of non-colorfast items. They then dissolve a light-duty hand-wash detergent in the wash water of the desired temperature before adding the clothes. The clothes are then soaked for no longer than 3-5 minutes before being gently squeezed, rinsed and then hung.

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 6 MUGIBSON WRITES

  1. Laundry Services (specialized dry-cleaning services). These dry-cleaning services are made possible by the use of liquid chemicals called “solvents” to remove most stains from a variety of fabrics.

Packages, Pricing and How to order:

What makes the services of Hoby Clean very versatile is the fact that they do have packages to suite everyone’s pockets; whether individual, family, or even a workplace (business setting). An individual maybe this person who lives alone, and is always pre-occupied with work hence having no spare moments to execute the laundry duties themselves. It could be a family of about say 8 plus people; now that’s a lot of laundry to be done, right? It could even be the case of a workplace for instance a manufacturing industry where workers have overalls that need to be cleaned at the end of every week. This right here is what Hoby Clean solves.

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 7 MUGIBSON WRITES

The friendly and professional team at Hoby Clean charges you an amount basing on the amount of laundry and method of quality/ service you prefer. For example, there’s a package that covers 80 pieces of clothes per month; that is- Hoby Clean collects 20 pieces (each week) to be washed, pressed, ironed, folded, packaged and brought back to you; – all at a monthly subscription of only Ugx. 40,000 per month. You could be wanting a once in a while service and Hoby Clean caters for that as there is also a charge per piece.

hobby clean

This information regarding the billing, how to order, and all Hoby Clean’s services can be found on their website at www.hobyclean.com. Here is a sample graphical summary of their packages and pricing:

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 8 MUGIBSON WRITES

Asides their visually appealing website, Hoby Clean also has a user-friendly and robust mobile application that is available on both Android and iOS (Apple); which you can by the way download at: http://onelink.to/rhfz76 .

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 9 MUGIBSON WRITES

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 10 MUGIBSON WRITES

hobby clean

This app allows users to create accounts at no charge, place orders and get the laundry service and deliveries with no chance of confusion. Now what happens is, once you download the “Hoby Clean App”, you are then required to create an account as a user/ login in case you already had an account. You are then required to “enable your device’s location” so as to be connected to the right vendor (laundry person) to be assigned to handle your job for each order you place. Having turned on your location, log in, make an order by selecting whether you prefer a “Machine Wash, Hand Wash, or Dry Clean”, then proceed to include how many pieces you wish Hoby Clean to clean for you. You are then requested to checkout (finalize with order, choose payment option and confirm the entire process).

hobby clean

hobby clean

Payment terms

Being a prepaid service, users are usually required to pay upon order and at the moment, payments are only through mobile money.

Relieve yourself from the laundry stress and let the most affordable, reliable and efficient Hoby Clean folks handle and do it for all for you.

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Remember to visit them at www.hobyclean.com or alternatively download their “Hoby Clean” App to get ordering and enjoy watching your laundry being done the smart way.

Introducing Hoby Clean: a revolutionary online on-demand Laundry service. 11 MUGIBSON WRITES