Uganda Child Cancer Foundation, led by Moses Echodu, have come together to hold a parallel wedding to raise funds for the foundation. The wedding is slated to happen on Friday, 27th May 2022, and will be graced by Echodu Moses and his avenger, Karungi Olivia Winter; who is also the bride.

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The team at UCCF has come up with a wedding fundraiser as a way of marrying all efforts and ideas in the fight against cancer. For this fundraiser, UCCF hopes to have two centers of attraction (bride and groom) for the day. Proceedings (gate collections, and attendance fees of Ugx. 20,000 per head) collected are going to benefit the Uganda Child Care Foundation directly.

Poster indicating details of the event (Picture: Twitter, @m_echodu)

“The moment Olivia said Yes to this fight, the matooke started looking like real food, my bald head started growing hair, Arsenal made a strong case for Top four, and everything made sense. I knew we both cared about children who were suffering from cancer. For a successful event, I know she is going to work on her English too and stop referring to vows as cows,” said an elated Moses Echodu.

“I think I will lose my last name. The foundation needs our help. Moses now will have no choice but to acknowledge Pirates as the best rugby club in Uganda. The North has bent the knee. Call me the Khaleesi,” said a jubilant Karungi.

Uganda Child Cancer Foundation is using all means to fundraise and meet these ever-growing needs to save children from childhood cancer. The proceeds from this fundraiser will improve people’s quality of life in several ways. Compared to healthy children, children with cancer can experience decreased physical, emotional, and social health‐related quality of life (HRQoL). In addition, siblings are overlooked family members during cancer treatment, and up to 63% can have adjustment difficulties. Our efforts will go beyond helping these children who have cancer but their families.


Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF) was co-founded by parents of children with cancer, concerned medical workers and some senior staff from the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) as a Non-government organization to try to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. It was registered in 2006 as an NGO with Registration Number No. S.5914/6566. It was formed to support children, and young people who have cancer in Uganda by providing immediate treatment and psycho-social support to children made vulnerable by limited resources and advocating for cancer control and management.