As Apple is getting ready to release iOS 14.3 to the public in the coming days, and the music streaming company is now rolling out a new feature for Apple Music subscribers. Users running the latest iOS beta have noticed that there are now some albums available on Apple Music with animated artwork. For those who enjoy a side of visual panache with their music: animated album artwork, this could be one to add a smile to your face.

As 9to5 Mac reports, Apple Music users with the beta versions of iOS 14.3 and macOS 11.1 have spotted animated covers on albums like Pearl Jam’s Gigaton and Big Sean’s Detroit 2. One user also saw animated artwork on Future Utopia’s 12 QuestionsApple Insider says.

Big Sean's Detroit 2 and Pearl Jam's Gigaton album artworks
Big Sean’s Detroit 2 and Pearl Jam’s Gigaton album artworks (Picture: Courtesy)

Apple Music added animated playlist artwork to iOS 14, 9to5Mac, notes but it did not extend that functionality to individual albums. It isn’t clear from this early rollout which artists will get animated album art; Apple has yet to make an official announcement.

A short video showing the new animated album artworks on Apple Music
A short video showing the new animated album artworks on Apple Music

Spotify already allows artists to upload portrait-style video snippets for albums and individual tracks, and YouTube Music has the option to turn on music video previews. Tidal too offers animated album artwork and here in Africa has been evident on releases such as WizKid & H.E.R’ ‘Smile’, Omah Lay’s ‘What Have We Done’ EP, and was firstly tested with Burna Boy’s ‘Twice as Tall’ LP.

Its unclear which other albums Apple Music has chosen to promote with this new feature, but the animated artwork will most probably be available for major album releases in the future. It will likely be on artists to choose whether they want to make use of this feature (, we may only see it on newer albums going forward.)

iOS 14.3 is expected to be available for all users early next week. In the meantime, those curious about animated album art will need to opt in to beta testing for an early look.

While on the iPhone the animated artwork takes up half of the screen, they have the same size as regular album artwork on the iPad and Mac.

Article written with contextual assistance from 9to5Mac, Prixbay & PC Mag.