Oh What a Night It was for Ugandan lovers of good music & Azawi!

The much anticipated ‘African Music’ concert finally went down yesterday and it saw Azawi “Baddest” entertain a mammoth crowd of over 14, 000 fans to the fullest at the Lugogo Grounds facility.

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Set in a Guinness theme, revelers were treated to photo booth moments that were customized; each with a song by Azawi. On one end was one having “Majje”, another “Party Mood” and others, as they sipped on some canned beer, Sprite, and good food.

Prior the “Ache For You” singer hitting the stage, patrons thronged the venue as early as 3 Pm to support the all-Ugandan line-up and most importantly celebrate two years of Azawi.

The time the editor of this site showed out for the concert, Grenade performing and was later joined by T.N.S’ latest recruit Pinky to perform their collaboration “Picha”.

Aroma followed thereafter with an electric one of “Yola” and “Tokisusa”, and thereafter Martha Mukisa who also sang for those in attendance “Sango” and “Busy”. Not so long after, Swangz Avenue’s newest signing Zafaran, dressed in all mustard attire, crooned live to her steadily growing fan base her debut single “Sweet Heart”.

Among the other show headliners was Pia Pounds, who opened with “Slay Farmer”, transitioned into “Taala”, “Wakikuba”, and closed with “Tupaate”.

It couldn’t have been a night with something from Zex Bilangilangi. He definitely came through with “Ratata”, “Magazine” and later “Number Emu”; a track from his Hercules x10 album. He inspired some words of inspiration mid his performance; reminding fans that he wishes them to believe in themselves and that in whatever they do & they can be number one.

Karole Kasita made a brief performance with songs “Balance”, “Binyuma”, and “Mbeelamu” before a sound hiccup could cut short her set.

See how we hadn’t had proper fireworks in over two years, at 9:54PM, as it was approaching 10PM, in celebration of the Azawi music era, colorful uninterrupted fireworks hit the skies in a session that grandly ushered Azawi on stage.

All decked in all white, the Ugandan Songbird known in real life as Zawedde Priscilla and professionally as Azawi, she took center stage to give the revelers and her Azawi addicts the show of their lives while making history.

Renowned for taking her craft to every corner of the world and pushing the African music agenda, Azawi performed every song there is to her name on her EP “LoFit”, “African Music” the album and from its Deluxe.

Opening with “My Year”, and then “Crazy Lover”, “Gimme”, and “Mbinyumilwa”, Azawi’s well-attended show had fans singing word for word for every track she performed.

Midway her show, Fire Baby “Winnie Nwagi” joined her on stage to sing her hit song “Malaika” which is not just enjoying huge rotation in airplay but on the charts too, and a fan favorite.

Azawi took things a notch higher in between her show with re-upped verses as she performed “Bamutute”, and then “Fwa Fwa Fwa” where she brought on a choir for a sensual experience.

The concert took a spin-off when Azawi invited Benon Mugumbya on stage for their performance of “Thankful: and spun them into further nostalgia when Vampos and him sang their all-time classic “I Know” as joined by the fans; just as was the case at the recently concluded Roast and Rhyme (The Nyam on the Nile Edition).

Off the extended edition of her album, the singer also put on an out-of-the-world spectacular performance of “Envision” for the very first time.

The “African Music” concert was in full circle as A Pass and Azawi later treated the fans to their joint effort “Face Me”, and later the former later closed it off with “Chupa Ku Chupa”.

A mini- TV of Azawi narrating her story of the many names in African music who have inspired her ran. In it was also the story of how she went from being a little girl singing in a troupe, writing songs, to now making it big in the mainstream, while maintain her African roots. It was after this that she opened her second session in performance with the titular track of her album “African Music”, then “Slow Dancing”, “Repeat It”, “Party Mood”, “Quinamino” and the likes.

After a total 2Hours 15Minutes of back-to-back crooning and plugging fans onto her entire catalog live-in performance, Azawi wrapped it all up with her Fik Fameica-assisted track “Majje”.

To dream is one thing, but to turn those aspirations into reality is another, and for Azawi filling up Lugogo Grounds was a dream come true. Coupled with hard work, talent, and an organized team, the African Music concert is what you get!

At the dawn of the morning, fellow African stars Adekunle Gold and DJ Neptune sent congratulatory messages for this milestone of a sold-out show by Azawi!

Huge Congratulations to you Ugandan’s QUEEN-AMINO, AZAWI!