Following their recent launch of their distinctive new look, Castle Lite has now joined hands with Malembe Lifestyle, and Fenon Events to present Fally Ipupa Live in Uganda.

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It is therefore no longer in the grapevine but rather confirmed that the Congolese music phenomenon will be captivating audiences in Uganda with two thrilling concerts, one in Arua (Arua Hill Stadium) and Kampala (Sheraton Hotel, Kampala). Scheduled for September 29th and October 1st, 2023, respectively, marking Ipupa’s highly-anticipated debut in the country.

Fally’s distinctive blend of Rumba, Soukous, and Lingala has since seen him create timeless chart topping hits, “Un coup,” “Maria PM,” “Aime-moi,” “You The Best,” “Likolo,” “Eloko Oyo,” and “Diamant,” etc, thereby making him a global icon in African music, garnering a dedicated fanbase in Uganda, where his infectious rhythms have won hearts.

The “Unlock Your Dance Moves With Fally Ipupa” event will thereby provide Ugandan fans with a second chance to experience Fally Ipupa’s magic, following a previous missed performance due to flight issues.

Organizers are confident that this time, Fally Ipupa will deliver an unforgettable show for all, and with Fenon Events adding their touch of class, these concerts promise to be an extraordinary experience for all music lovers.

Revelers can therefore look forward to unforgettable evenings filled with music, dance, and sing-alongs to match the energy and charisma of the iconic musician.

Furthermore, these musical extravaganzas carry a charitable cause as part of the proceeds will support the Children of Uganda foundation. So, do purchase your tickets now on Quicket.