Castle Lite’s “We Have Hit Refresh” campaign took center stage yesterday at The Meat Guy on 3rd Street in the Industrial Area.

The invite-only affair saw attendees get treated to an evening of sheer entertainment and delight, showcasing Castle Lite’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, with the charismatic Salvado Idringi, famously known as “The Man From Ombokolo” as the host of the launch.

His enigmatic personality set the tone for an evening filled with celebration and rejuvenation, which had in attendance media personalities, and prominent figures from Nile Breweries, influencers, and content creators converging to witness the official unveiling of Castle Lite’s fresh new design, as well as experience the crisp, clean taste that has become synonymous with Castle Lite.

Joel Galla, the Brand Manager for Castle Lite and Premiums at Nile Breweries Uganda, aptly remarked, “Castle Lite’s journey is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. The Pack Refresh represents our unwavering commitment to enhancing consumer experiences while respecting our rich heritage.” Mr. Wadada Davidson, District Manager East, on the other hand, while standing in for the Country Director, echoed this sentiment, stating, “This campaign encapsulates our dedication to upholding Nile Breweries’ legacy of excellence.”

The evening was also composed of soulful melodies by the renowned Abeeka Band, who serenaded the audience with live performances of not only local, and continental but global anthems too, ensuring that the evening flowed seamlessly. Following their act was Fik Fameica who took the stage, delivering a dynamic musical performance keeping the excitement levels of everyone soaring with the assistance of his chart-topping hits.

To cap the night, DJ Fem stepped up to the decks, setting the dance floor ablaze with his electrifying set, ensuring that the night would be etched into the attendees’ memories.

Food was in abundance, and this was accompanied by complementary sips of the refreshing, profile-perfect Castle Lite which were savoured by those in attendance.

The “We Have Hit Refresh” campaign launch successfully created an atmosphere where history met innovation, where tradition embraced modernity, and where refreshments exceeded all expectations.

It alsy transcended mere packaging, celebrating Nile Breweries’ legacy, Castle Lite’s evolution, and the supportive community that stands behind both. With the spotlight on tradition, innovation, and refreshment, Castle Lite’s new chapter promises to be as thrilling as its storied past. This event paid homage to the brand’s history and looked forward to an exciting future, a vibrant showcase of refreshment that will linger in the memories of all who attended.

The biggest catch is that the Castle Lite “We Have Hit Refresh” campaign is not a one-off affair; it marks the beginning of an exciting journey filled with activations and events across the country. Beer enthusiasts can therefore anticipate engaging activities and opportunities to win prizes like jumpers, glasses, caps,, etc. The campaign’s objective is to celebrate the refreshed brand while uniting people from all walks of life to savor the crisp taste and vibrant spirit of Castle Lite. Do look out for more refreshment and fun as Castle Lite’s new chapter unfolds nationwide.