Drillz The Rapper has come in hot with brand new euphoric single ‘Be Alive”.

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Continuing his streak of weekly releases, Ladong Emmanuel also professionally known as Drillz The Rapper has paused for a minute to tackle mental health, and depression with his new track ‘Be Alive’.

In ‘Be Alive, Drillz The Rapper says no one is immune to depression though most avoid opening up or coming out due to the stigma surrounding the topic.

The rapper who has most recently rebranded from ‘Drillz’ to now ‘Drillz The Rapper’ adds that he wrote the track ‘Be Alive’ at a point in life where he thought he couldn’t turn back, had given up, other people’s opinions drove him crazy to suicidal phases.

He then reflects on how some turn to drugs as an escape, which half the time doesn’t really help with the situation.

It’s only 10 & I’m high again, like Mary Jane (weed) is my only friend, I’m on the phone again, I tell her baby girl I gat some pain I feel insane I feel my brain is like a war zone.” he croons.

Drillz concluded the post about the track with a word of encouragement saying that they each deserve to love the love that they give out, and to be patient with themselves on this journey of healing.

The soundtrack to your therapy session has arrived just on time. Stream ‘Be Alive’ below.

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