British-Nigerian sensation and vocalist Gabzy is set to make a significant leap in connecting with his fans, embarking on an East African journey as part of AirBeat’s “Sounds From Africa Festival.” This remarkable event kicks off in Uganda with a performance on November 24th at the Kati Kati Grounds, followed by another show at Carnivore Grounds in Kenya on November 25th.

Gabzy’s exceptional blend of feel-good vocals, R&B, Soul, and Afro beats effortlessly transcends boundaries and strikes a chord with audiences worldwide. As a British-Nigerian artist, he masterfully weaves cultural richness into his music, serving as a unifying force between Africans both at home and in the diaspora. His evolving Afro-fusion style, characterized by intricate rhythms and soulful melodies, has garnered critical acclaim and cultivated a passionate global following. Amongst his ardent admirers are Ugandan music enthusiasts who have longed for the day when they could witness his performance. Today, we celebrate the realization of their fervent wishes as Gabzy will soon be bringing his unparalleled talent to Uganda, uniting hearts, souls, and “situationships” 😂😂  through the power of music.

Born as Gabriel Akinyemi, the musical maestro from South-East London has been a topic of anticipation among fans and music lovers in Uganda for years. The much-awaited moment will finally arrive on November 24th.

Renowned for his bromance and musical partnership with fellow singer and frequent collaborator Melvitto, which has produced hits like “Set Nice,” “Stay,” and “Come Over,” Gabzy and Melvitto have established themselves as the purveyors of summer anthems.

The “Gabzy Experience/ Flavors of Gabzy” show is organized by Airbeat, marking seven years of delivering memorable experiences in Africa’s entertainment sphere. In collaboration with NTV Uganda, Elevate Uganda, Kreate, and Radiocity 97FM, Airbeat’s show in Uganda is set to take place at the Kati Kati Grounds. Tickets are available for Ugx. 100,000, with early bird options priced at Ugx. 80,000 here.

For those eager to get into the groove for the “Flavors Of Gabzy” event, there’s a curated Gabzy Essential playlist available on the ticket purchasing website. This playlist promises to set the perfect mood for the upcoming musical extravaganza.

As we begin the countdown to the arrival of the Afrocentric sensation, Gabzy, and wait on the details of his co-headlining acts, hit the play button on “As Friends” below. This track holds a special place in my heart as it was the one that first introduced me to his music.