Khalid has today made a grand return to the music scene after a while since his 2020 ‘Know Your Worth’ remix, and brief appearance on Alicia Keys’ ‘So Done’.

The euphoric track was originally recorded by up-and-coming singer-songwriter WATTS and uploaded to SoundCloud in September 2018 before Khalid discovered it and feel in love with it.


“I can’t fight this feeling / And I don’t want to change / But I can’t fight this feeling / It’s driving me insane,” Khalid sings over the soothing production. “Tell everyone I’m leaving / ‘Cause I don’t want to stay / But I can’t fight this feeling / It’s driving me insane.”


Khalid contacted WATTS in November 2019 via Instagram and told him how much he loved the song and the collaboration was born. “For me this song is super special and it’s something that I feel the world deserves to listen to,” he said. “What resonates most with me has to be the feeling of euphoria that I get when I listen to it, and the calmness and the safeness that it brings me.”

WATTS & Khalid – Feels | Jamznet
Khalid and WATTS ‘Feels’ artwork [Picture: Jamznet]

Khalid is now readying his first body of work since 2019’s Free Spirit. “This music feels the most ME out of anything I’ve made. I’m really making the music I truly want to make,” Khalid told fans last month. “I’ve been really focused and can’t wait for you guys to see/hear what I’ve been working on!”

Could ‘feels’ make it to the album? That we cannot be sure of. Sharing the streaming and downloading link, the ‘Talk’ singer announced the single today via social:

For now; enjoy his new team up with Watts below:

Source: Rap Up