Trendsetters Africa talent Ahlam Ismail teamed up with J.C Muyonjo over the weekend and the two served their fans with an acoustic version of Lamu and Mugaba’s ‘Kill You With It’; track 2 off the former’s most recent project.

‘Kill You With It’ is a song housed on Lamu’s ‘No Pressure’ EP that was released in July 2020. As many prepared to celebrate Valentine’s Day, JC and Lamu opted to do a rendition of a performance for the song, to keep people company through this season of love.

The visual was recorded and performed was delivered at ‘Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane (according to the ‘Fall In’ crooner) while the two are seated, with a lush surrounding made up of a cloudy blue background as they beautifully exchange verses in the song; as accompanied it with strums of a guitar by Muyonjo throughout the song.

JC Muyonjo & Lamu in the acoustic cover for 'Kill You With It'
JC Muyonjo & Lamu in the acoustic cover for ‘Kill You With It’ (Picture: YouTube)

The rendition in the performance video is significantly more stripped down, and strikes an impression; just like the studio version as originally produced by Kintu Boris.

A video for the performance was uploaded to YouTube on February 13, 2021, and has since collected over 200 views.

Lamu has in the past released hit songs “Fall In’, ‘Pata’ among others and did make an appearance on ‘Feelings’, a track off Rulz’s EP “Beautiful Pieces’. JC Muyonjo on the other hand is not only an artist, song writer, guitarist but painter as well. He in 2016 dropped his debut EP “If We Try”, a distinctive project that was an introduction to who he is as an artist. Muyonjo also dropped another Extended Play ‘Kidandali’ in 2019 and most recently, a 3 track project ‘ALKEBULAN’.

JC Muyonjo
J.C Muyonjo (Picture: Shazam)

Stream Lamu and Mugaba’s “Kill You With It”, that was cowritten by both, and the rest of her EP; – No Pressure here. Watch the acoustic version, as performed by the Uber Guy singer and Lamu below:

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