Larry drops new heartfelt single - CONFIDENCE

Just a few weeks after releasing his 2021 hip-hop charming track ‘Supernova’, Larry (born Sebuwufu Lawrence) has followed it up with a new one by the title ‘Confidence’.

Talking about the self-produced track; Larry describes CONFIDENCE as an expression of having to live in society with a lazy eye and being insecure about it that it made me even hate being in school.

He says: This song is not only for me but also for anyone out there that is battling any insecurity. Just like I say in the intro of the song, “For anyone that has lost confidence over insecurities whatever…this is for you“. Regardless of our insecurities let us be confident.   

(Mehn I never liked school/ I hated all the parties) This is portrayed mostly in the first verse (See I was born in 97, came out with a lazy eye/ Cut all of my confidence in half) where he talks about how he hated going for parties or public places because of it (Mehn never liked school, I hated all the parties) and being scared to even look people in their eyes when he talked to them. In the end, Larry channeled the energy he had towards it by not letting it control him but then go-ahead to gain as much confidence as a way of overshadowing the insecurity.

In a press release, the ‘Sinking’ singer is grateful to his father for not having allowed him to have the surgery to fix it. He sings: “Felt so excited when they would fix it through surgery/ then my father canceled it and I’m so proud of him/ made my heart strong now I’m grown you can’t mess with me!!!

The first verse is an expression of how Larry felt about the insecurity and the second verse is about how he felt he needed to do (I’m a focused man…and I’m here to win it with a thought-out plan/ working way harder than a diamond/ always seated at my desk top I’m an icon) and who he needed (God at my shoulder, so I’m growing bolder/ started my own label with a team I’m n owner I hold my...) to keep him on; living with the insecurity but then again also gain a lot of confidence.

Confidence; just most of Larry’s past projects was recorded by Larry, produced at and by Victory Alley Studios’ Talemwa Jesse, and then mixed and mastered by Rodney Mulindwa (Head of Sound) at the Victory Alley Studios. Just like ‘Supernova’, the artwork for ‘Confidence’ was designed by Jason Kigozi of Elevate Uganda.

Dropping a snippet of it, Larry announced the release of new music on social saying:

From the most vulnerable parts of Larry Real Music’s heart to your ears; Stream ‘CONFIDENCE’ across all digital music listening and downloading platforms worldwide; and remember to overshadow your deepest points of insecurities and fear and be CONFIDENT.