The axiom “Aspire to inspire before you expire” is one that many of us who have gone through the traditional educational system would easily relate to.

However, for 28year old South Sudanese Patriot Akuot Sarah Dut Dhieu inspiring and serving her fellow youth is a lifestyle.

Popularly known as Patriot Akuot Sarah/Maan Athiei by her country people, Maico at a tender age established herself as one of the most sought-after individuals and names in Southern Sudan where she not only engages in entrepreneurship but has also been active in youth and community advocacy.

With this billing, she later went on to co-found a women-led organization- “ Women Voices Of Hope for the Vulnerable – ( WVHV ) which primarily focuses on advocating for the most vulnerable of communities; especially street children, the elderly, young children and women who are the victims of oil exploration in Ruweng Administrative Area (one of the oil producing areas in South Sudan).

Tapping into her entrepreneurial element, Akuot started up Family Bridal Boutique, Family Travel Limited and The Empire Chalk; all of which create employment for young people in South Sudan where she comes from and currently resides.

Akuot engages in all these ventures with the hope of transforming the people’s mindsets toward their country and give them a reason to cherish it and see it the way she does; as a home of endless possibilities.

The love for her country is so deeply rooted in her in that wherever she goes, carries along a flag of South Sudan. She is what you would call a Pan Africanist as she believes in the peaceful coexistence of the people of within and outside the region.

Akuot has since represented her Country (South Sudan) at the Youlead Summit in Arusha (Arusha) in November 2022 and this year at the International Conference on Great Lakes Region at the Youth Forum Conference in Kenya (Nairobi).