One of the talents to come out of 2020 has been Katende Andrew Stephen, popularly known as Dre Cali. The singer who is signed to Ykee Benda has so far had a number of hits to his belt, the most celebrated one being ‘’Ebisooka N’ebisembayo’ alongside Joseph Sax to which he followed with an accompanying music video in August, having first collaborated with Lydia Jazmine on ‘Onanagiza’, which introduced him officially to crowds.

Cali announced that he was working on new music just the other day, and concluded the post by sharing the song’s artwork.

Just like his former hit song, on ‘Ekifuba’, Dre Cali uses his signature sound, as he is longing for love and pours out his feelings in the ballad, requesting the love of his life to be kind and get back to him as he cannot stop reflecting back to all the sweet memories and moments they shared together. He sings saying his chest hurts, which technically depicts his heart, and that if their love were a ship, it is sinking. That she should come back to him.

‘Ekifuba’ is a Luganda word which when translated to English is a chest. The ballard was produced by Kraizy beats, and the guitar we hear in the track was done by Myco Ouma and the audio’s Mixing and mastering by HerbertSkillz.

The 25-year-old budding artist announced the arrival of the single by sharing a snippet of the track, and attaching in the post a snippet of the song, the credits and added that the link to the full song was in his bio:

Watch Dre Cali’s new one ‘Ekifuba’s Lyrics video here: –  ☺➡️