Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) Launches Online Product and Delivery platform “Beer Now”. Here’s how the centric platform works

Nile Breweries Limited; Uganda’s leading beer manufacturer has been in existence for the last 69 years and has therefore become a go-to when it comes to brew. It is the mother company to many other brands such as: Castle Lite, Eagle, Club Pilsner, Nile Special Stout, and of course; Nile Special.

With the global lockdown and ongoing pandemic, there has been a pause on social gatherings, events, and hanging out so as maintain the social distancing; even right here in Uganda, meaning people are now confined to their homes and are not able to get their favourite beer spots or brands. But they’d still want to have a beer in the comfort of their home while valuing their time.

And because of Nile Breweries Limited’s commitment to serve their clients and enthusiasts better, they have now set up an e-commerce website that will make it easier for patrons to order and purchase beer brands from the nearby stockist by using the home delivery option to deliver great customer satisfaction beyond the Lockdown.

Here’s how it works:

One has to punch in in their browser so as to access the “Beer Now” platform and be able to place their order(s) for their brand of choice.

Keeping in mind that “Alcohol is not for consumption for persons under the age of 18”, NBL wants to make sure you are legal and are over eighteen to be consuming; the website therefore requests a user to fill in their date of birth to check for legality purpose.

Having gone passed through this stage, you are officially in and can now place your order; but first, you are to fill out your location details in terms of district, town and suburb; and are the delivery is done countrywide.

You are then requested to choose your beer you wish to have; either Nile Special Stout, Club Pilsner, Nile Special, or Castle Lite; whichever tickles your thirst buds. You are then taken to the “Shop” section of the platform where you are shown the price of each, and are at liberty to choose whether you wish to order a crate, just a couple of bottles as the minimum has to be 6. You are then free to “check out” (finalize with your order) and that’s about it. Billing options are then availed to you; whether you wish to pay via Mobile Money or pay cash on delivery (C.O.D).

Delivery happens within 60 minutes of placing order or even less; depending on your location. Orders and deliveries however are to stop by 4Pm; in line with the government’s guidelines on movement.

Note: Once delivery is made, you are to give back an equivalent of the number of beers bottles you will have ordered in form of “empties”. For example, if I ordered 8 Castle Lite(s), once delivery is made to my door step, I have to give the delivery person 8 empty bottles to replace those I will have taken. In case you do not have empty bottles on you, it’ll cost you an extra cost of Ugx. 600/= per bottle as compensation of each. 

Here’s a pictorial summary: 

Talk of a stress free, fast, efficient, and affordable beer delivery service; NBL Beer Now should be your go-to.  Remember to visit: today to make use of this service.