I do believe that in one in ten homes, there are always empty and idle bottles, could be of soda, or beer, whereas cans of biscuits can be used as sugar bowls, and emptied jerry cans of cooking oil for fetching/ storing water. On the other hand, empty glass bottles barely ever get a use except when being taken at the store when purchasing brew for guests or home consumption.  

Today through its social media handles & those of the brands it distributes (Nile Special, Club Pilsner, Nile Stout, Castle Lite, & Eagle), Uganda’s premium brewer NILE Breweries unveiled its ‘Nusu Ku Nusu’ campaign. In this one, NBL seeks to give back a cash value to customers; more so those who present empty beer bottles of any of the above-mentioned brands at selective outlets.


Each Eagle Extra & Eagle Lager empty bottle attracts a reward of Ugx. 500/= and Ugx. 22,000/= for a whole crate of Eagle beer empties. On the other hand; for every Nile Special/ Club Pilsener, Eagle Dark & Nile Stout, one is handed Ugx. 600/= for every 500ml empty glass bottle returned and a standard Ugx. 22,000/= for a full crate of this kind.

As a Note: Only clean bottles that are in proper condition and without cracks, breakages, and mud are to be accepted at collection points. Here’s the full list of the selective regional collection points, where you can present your empties and be given your shilling. About the campaign’s validity, I am not certain when it closes, but one thing I can assure you is Nile Breweries is offering you quick cash, for your NBL Beer brand empties.

Nile Breweries' ‘Nusu Ku Nusu’ promo to reward you with cash for each empty beer bottle you present 1 MUGIBSON
Collection Points

In case you prefer to ‘catch the bigger fish’, there’s also the ‘Be A Millionaire’ campaign that was launched two weeks ago, and there’s Ugx. 1,000,000/= (One Million) up for grabs; more so for entrepreneurs. Happy harvesting of ‘the bag’.