where hands touch

I choose to close my eyes and pray when I can’t help .when am hurt too to lie on my bed is the choice I made. The world keeps changing on us we have tried to understand a few concepts but mostly upgraded and thought for. May I ask you “What makes you hurt when practiced ?”


I bet those must be one of your answers. There is no better explanation as to why people are graded all over the world as poor and rich, The rich speak rich and poor poverty. We are human our feeling hurt, our hearts ache we love, adore, Cherish, we give and give more.
We are treated like dogs by our brothers and sisters, here people hunt each other to be well, they break vows just to hurt others.

Employees are paying their children, businesses are full of families what else can be done a mother can’t let their kids suffer just to employ a jobless youth. We are more of the same around the world. We sound innocent but guilty of what we hate.

If I am to ask “To be rapped and not to be considered to work at your dream job what makes you feel at least am not disowned of me. We are not more than programs right from birth we are thought to hate the least and close our eyes to reality. What makes you choose disrespect over the difference. I learned that we are more of that character. when a man asked me why I was hanging out with Sudanese he continued to disguise me as a bad omen to my tribe.

Am assuring you that the level we have reached, We love it when we see our brothers and sisters develop but not others and neither do we want them also to rise So high. Movies, books teach us to touch where we are victims of caged in our own doing. I say we are better than this, we are more human than the monsters they have made. Runaway from that which they think has caged our thoughts.

Love should feel our hearts, we should value each other cherish, and adore everyone. let’s not make others feel like it hurts to be human. let’s appreciate the difference amongst ourselves we are one.

I pray that our dramas should flow together with our voices as a choir. Come now proudly standing in His Almighty’s presence everyone was beautifully made. We should love the world fight, dangerous creatures, kill hate, jealousness, and pride. We shouldn’t fear each other rather be afraid of disease. Hope is restored in our hearts when we see peace.

Do for others what you want them to do for you. I hope you think of where your hands touch.

written by Nanteza Doreen