Sparked from personal experience, Kateera continues to put a smile on the faces of several children who were either born without shinbones or need walking aids to living a normal life.

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He is dedicated to improving the lives of children and teens living with disabilities. He constantly advocates for child amputees via her medium, while working closely with professionals and the community to ensure they live a self-sufficient and fulfilled life.

Robert Kateera is a Ugandan social entrepreneur, a Development Consultant and an activist.  He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Trudeau Youth Council Foundation in Uganda, a platform providing recycled prosthetic legs and other walking aids to children between the ages of 2 and 18. Through the Trudeau Youth Council Foundation Uganda, Kateera has provided over 180 prosthetic limbs for different children across Uganda. 

Kateera is a social change enthusiast who’s passionate about de-stigmatizing disability. He believes disability is a mind game that can be controlled when proper care is given. 

Robert Kateera was born in Uganda and he is a Commercial pilot from British Columbia as well as the representative of the Obama Youth Council East Africa since 2019.

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Having attained his Primary education at Uganda Martyrs Primary School, Kateera later joining Mbarara High from 1999-2006 and then Taibah College in Bwebajja for his High School between 2010 and 2012, His passion for flight school made him to briefly join Kajjansi Flying School before he relocated to Canada in 2015.

In January 2022, he graduated with a Commercial Pilot’s License from Canadian Flight Academy in British Columbia.

Kateera is a member of various corporate and social organizations like the Uganda Youth Network and the Ugandan Network of NGOs.

Through the Trudeau Youth Council Foundation Uganda, Kateera brings hope, joy and purposeful living to all children living with limb loss, including their families and caregivers. He is optimistic and determined to work towards a more inclusive society for all children. In a few years, Kateera hopes to have over 10,000 people talking about the inclusiveness of children that have been amputated around the world and raise champions of child amputees. 

The Trudeau Youth Council Foundation Uganda, encourages children and their parents via support groups and helps integrate them back to the school system after their rehabilitation.