Ugandan rapper Kibirige Eric Tucker also professionally known as Tucker HD has recruited fellow rap star Jude Watsaba alias J-Wats on his new track ‘Nobody’.

The pair first worked together alongside Byg Ben Sukuya, Tushi Polo, and Play 01 on ‘UG’s Most Wanted (Chapter 1)’ in 2019.

Byg Ben Sukuya, Tushi Polo, J-Wats, Play 01 & Tucker HD on ‘UG’s Most Wanted (Chapter 1)’
Byg Ben Sukuya, Tushi Polo, J-Wats, Play 01 & Tucker HD on ‘UG’s Most Wanted (Chapter 1) video shoot (Picture: MBU)

The timing of the arrival of the single could not be better as Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and you and I could interpret this their Valentine’s Day gift to their significant others.

On the 3minute 39 second track, both singers put their efforts together on a song to profess their undying love for their respective significant others.

‘Nobody’; a track with a groovy fusion of pop and trap production with a soulful touch by Rey Macc (Producer). Like ‘UG’s Most Wanted (Chapter 1)’, this track too was recorded, mixed and mastered by Samurae (Sam Lamara) of Talent Africa Group Studios (TAG), as unveiled by the ‘Welcome to KLA’ singer on social who first teased the track’s artwork a week ago.

On the new hip hop track, Tucker categorically proclaims his appreciation for that one special lady: “From the moment you walked through the door/You owned the throne, there’s no opponent, he raps before later adding “Easily a 10 it’s proven, hard to find improvement.

Tucker HD is later joined in by J-Wats who delivers a silky-smooth opening verse singing “You make a nigga feel shy, and that’s why I got you on my mind. We can be the power couple like Jay and Bey…”, assuring his significant other that there is no one elsewhere like them. Tucker relaxes into the second verse with mastery.

“Nobody” follows “Mind Games” released last month. Both tracks are expected to appear on his yet to be titled debut album scheduled to arrive late 2021.

Tucker HD has been around for some time now, following breakthrough in 2011 after participating in Talent Africa Urban Star Search competition where he met with rapper Martha Smallz and together dropped The High-Definition Mixtape’ following it up with 2014’sThe Tucker Tuesdays Compilation Mixtape’, his second mixtape. Tucker HD also has a couple of notable singles: Ocean, Samandari, As If, Lily, Chai and Ku Mudala Gwo and others. last year linked up with fellow Ugandan rapper Blixxack for a collaborative effort: the “Open Time” EP. Read his bio on his website, and check it out for more updates about the artist.

Tucker HD
Tucker HD (Picture: Tucker HD, Media)

Jude Wats (J-Wats) on the other dropped his debut studio album ‘On My Own’ in 2018, and just when 2019 was coming to a close, he capped it with the release of a 5track EP; Eaze, and since gone a little M.I.A (missing in action).

Jude says he’s officially back in the game, and has been in studio cooking some new music for the people, and that he used majority of his stay-at-home time because of the pandemic and lock down last year to pen more music content whenever it drops. For now, Listen to Nobody – Tucker HD ft J-Wats HERE. Courtesy of Genius, attached below are the lyrics to the single. Enjoy!


[Chorus: TUCKER HD]

I know you want me
Njagala omanye
You’ve been on my mind all day
I know you need me
And I need you too
It’s all about me and you
Tewali mulala (nobody)
Tewali mulala (nobody)
Tewali mulala
Tewali mulala (tewali)
Tewali mulala (tewali)
Tewali mulala


Wabula watukula
Wabula wanyirira
I’ve never seen a girl so spectacular
Oba nkugambe ki, nkukwaateko, nkunkwaate wa?
Nkwagala kufa, nze simanyi kyewankola
Okay, gimme some time, I’ll give you my time too
You’re stuck on my heart, I call you a tattoo
No car but we can board a matatu
Nkutwaleko ewaka tulye ku bintu
You’re so fly
Like a bird up in the sky
You make a nigga feel shy
That’s why, I got you on my mind
If anything is cool with you, it’s cool with me
I don’t really know what you did to me
In fact, people say we were meant to be
We could be the power couple like Jay and Bey, straight up

Tucker HD & J-Wats
Tucker HD & J-Wats (Picture: Twitter)

[Chorus: TUCKER HD]

Yellow bone, Black Ice in her red cup
Give them girls she’s bout to body a heads up
From the moment you walked through the door
You owned the throne, there’s no opponent, you on it, yiyo
Easily a 10 it’s proven, hard to find improvement
Police her hips, I’m behind her movement
God-given goodies, she don’t need a doctor
Inch heels, high off life, good weed & vodka
Grind on me baby
Want you by my side, would you blame me?
Had a couple UG’s, Bond’s, and a Bailey
Still I got you on my mind, buli daily
Shoe game’s insane, it’s what they mad at you for
You’re with a boss, F a loss bwemba mu kifo
Realest in the country
I preed it from the jump B

[Chorus: TUCKER HD]

J-Wats (Picture: The Brink News)

Monday up to Sunday
I got you on my mind
You’re the type of girl I like
I gotta make you mine, yeah
Monday up to Sunday
I got you on my mind
You’re the type of girl I like
I gotta make you mine, oh yeah

Tewali mulala, yeah there’s no better
No good and you should know better
Perfect for a queen
Too established, you’re the baddest on the scene
I see them line-up, wanna come try
She see BS, stay woke, there’s one I
When you’re about that do more and say less it’s real
Born again but she’s dressed to kill

[Chorus: TUCKER HD]

‘Nobody’ is out now. Here’s a snippet. Stream it across all major streaming and music downloading platforms