Pia is taking baby steps to global stardom!

Tracy Kirabo otherwise known as Pia Pounds famous for her hit song “Tupaate” at the close of June landed herself an exclusive musical arrangement with Horus Music Nigeria, a subsidiary of Horus Music.

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The announcement was made by Horus Music Nigeria via social.

Having worked closely with the African Bureau of Music since her break out, Pia is now seeking to push her music and grow globally hence the new signing which will see Horus Music (Nigeria) handle her music distribution and marketing/ promotion; given that Horus has its head office in Wales, England and a presence in other countries.

This unique music agreement means that Horus Music Nigeria will exclusively distribute physical and digital formats for the “Slay Farmer” singer’s new recorded music. Additionally, Pia Pounds will be able to leverage Horus Music’s marketing and promotion teams across more than 195 territories.

Pia Pounds’ becomes the latest musical signing, a few weeks after Fik Fameica entered into an exclusive distribution deal with emPawa Africa.

With one EP “Tupaate” and a couple of hit songs to her name, we can only watch the space to see how this ages.

About Horus Music Nigeria:

Horus Music prides itself in its transparency when it comes to offering fair artist/ music label services like unlimited distribution, giving 100% royalties, radio airplay, playlist pitching, and so forth. Read more about them here.